Tracy Gilbert Designs & #WearingIrish

You may have seen recently on Twitter or Instagram a picture of Margaret Molloy wearing some of my jewellery. Looking great, as always! (both her and the jewellery :)) So how did this happen? Well, I have always been a fan of those trying to start something special. I love investing in new ideas (including […]

Tracy Gilbert Designs launches 1916 Collection

As we all know, 2016 marks 100 years since the Easter Rising and the reading of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic on the steps of Dublin’s GPO. There are many events to mark the occasion taking place all across the country. The national papers, TV and Radio channels have invested steeply in commemorating the […]

Tracy Gilbert Designs exhibits at Showcase Ireland 2016

It was my second year on the balcony in the Enterprise Zone of Showcase Ireland with support from Fingal Local Enterprise Office and the show far exceeded my expectations 🙂 In the weeks leading up the the show, you don’t really have time to wonder how you will actually get on – designing brochures, posters, […]

Tracy Gilbert Designs at the British Museum!!!

Children of Lir Collection now available at the British Museum’s Celts Exhibition A special exhibition opens today 24th of September in London, in partnership between the British Museum and National Museums Scotland. It will run through March 2016 and be shown in London and Edinburgh. This is the first major British exhibition in 40 years […]

Growing Home Collection – the meaning behind the pieces

Growing Home Green - Tracy Gilbert Designs-1600x800

Growing Home Collection – the meaning behind the jewelry Tracy’s vision of Ireland is reflected in her ‘Growing Home’ collection with Ireland represented as a tree with deep roots – resilient and enduring – that has remained standing strong, swaying but unbroken. Throughout the years, Ireland has continued to grow whilst never ceasing to give shelter to past, […]

The Summer Solstice – what’s it to do with Celtic Jewellery?

Stonehenge - inspiration for Tracy Gilbert

It’s the summer solstice today (21st June at 4.39pm GMT/UTC in Dublin, to be precise!!) – the longest day of the year for the northern hemisphere. The solstice marks the official first day of summer, and has been celebrated for its symbolic importance since ancient times. Back then, the Summer Solstice was a fire-festival of […]

Kilkenny Shop & The Design Loft: Tracy Gilbert Designs

  As of the middle of March, my Growing Home and Children of Lir Collections are available in the Kilkenny Shop on Nassau Street and The Design Loft in Powerscourt House & Gardens in Enniskerry. I’m absolutely delighted to have my work showcased alongside the work of incredibly talented Irish designers that I’ve looked up […]

Misconceptions about St. Patrick and Drowning the Shamrock

Misconceptions about St. Patrick and Drowning the Shamrock   17th March is one of the most celebrated Christian days throughout the world, all thanks to one man – St. Patrick.  Because of him, it has become customary for people to wear green, drown the shamrock and attend St. Patrick’s Day parades. What sets St. Patrick […]