Tracy Gilbert Designs at the British Museum!!!

Children of Lir Collection now available at the British Museum’s Celts Exhibition

A special exhibition opens today 24th of September in London, in partnership between the British Museum and National Museums Scotland. It will run through March 2016 and be shown in London and Edinburgh. This is the first major British exhibition in 40 years to tell the story of the Celts.

The name ‘Celts’ has been appropriated over the last 300 years to reflect modern identities in Britain & Ireland and beyond. Extraordinarily beautiful objects will tell the story of the different peoples who have used or been given the name ‘Celts’ through the art objects that they made.

Normally, I would be excited about this type of exhibition purely because it’s on a subject that still fascinates and inspires me. I’ve always been a huge admirer of  Celtic Art and would be planning a trip to London to be bowed over by the quality of the artwork and craftsmanship on display. But this time, I’m excited for another reason too! My Children of Lir Collection is available at the British Museum for the duration of the exhibition. It will be available to buy in the Grenville Room and Museum Shop up until the end of January 2016.

British Museum

To think that my work will be seen by the many visitors going through the doors of the British Museum is wonderful and more than I could have ever imagined when I started out on this adventure. Feeling very grateful to all of those that have given me support along this journey and kept me going when my sandblaster got blocked and I was trying to blow out sand when the deadline for the order was looming 🙂

I’ll be checking out the exhibition soon and from the write-ups I’ve read so far it sounds truly amazing, so recommend you check it out too.

Mise le meas,


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