Growing Home Collection – the meaning behind the pieces

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Growing Home Collection – the meaning behind the jewelry

Tracy’s vision of Ireland is reflected in her ‘Growing Home’ collection with Ireland represented as a tree with deep roots – resilient and enduring – that has remained standing strong, swaying but unbroken. Throughout the years, Ireland has continued to grow whilst never ceasing to give shelter to past, present and existing generations.

The Growing Home collection by Tracy Gilbert Designs is a re-imagined “Tree of Life” with Ireland represented as a tree – rotate the pieces anti-clockwise and you’ll see that the crown of the tree is a map of Ireland. It is designed for those that are proud of their Irish roots – light can shine through the coloured pieces to reveal the Celtic spirals similar to those seen at sites such as Newgrange.

The collection is available in translucent green representing the Land of Ireland or blue representing the Ocean and a sterling silver only design.





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