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Inspired by the story of the Children of Lir –  two swans entwine to form a heart, symbolising Love & Dedication. The Children of Lir is a famous Irish mythical tale in which four sons and daughters of the King of Lir are transformed into beautiful singing Swans. The children have beautiful singing voices and as swans they continue to sing and delight audiences that come to view them on the lakes they live on. The spell cast on the 4 siblings leaves them as Swans was only broken after 900 years. The story has many iterations and variations in endings and circumstance. In a generally accepted version after the spell is broken the siblings before they die of old age are christened so that there names can live on in eternity as the Children of Lir.

These beautiful pieces thus symbolize love to each other whether they be from relative to relative or lover to lover the two Swans entwine to make a sentimental and everlasting dedication

Hi All, I am taking a creative break and will be back soon!