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Extremely common to the Irish countryside with many variations is the Irish Wild Rose. It can be found growing in either common family gardens or in hedgerows along country lanes the Irish Wild rose is a beautiful site to behold on any sunny Irish summers day. In this collection Tracy expertly captures the shape and beauty of this common Irish flower and the design is available in a number of Jewellery items including Pendants, Bracelets, Cuff links for him and as a sterling silver ring.

Each piece is meticulously designed and handmade in Tracy Gilbert’s Dublin workshop. Tracy also provides and engraving service in which personal messages can be inscribed on the chosen piece. The Wild Rose, a long standing feature of the Irish countryside instills a deep love for the wild and green hills of Ireland and any piece from the Wild Rose collection will surely be cherished by anyone with ties to Ireland.

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Bracelets & Charms

Wild Rose Bracelet


Bracelets & Charms

Wild Rose Charm Bracelet