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Here is a collection worth its weight in Gold! Tracy Gilbert’s signature designs are now available in her Gold Collection. From the insightful “Growing Home” pendant to the elegant and stunning “Children of Lir” earrings and pendants these exquisite pieces are sure to appeal to anyone who shares a love for all things Irish and those who enjoy Celtic influences. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted from 14ct gold with love for Irish roots, history and folklore.

Growing Home – These Pendants depicts Ireland as a tree of life with deep, strong and enduring roots. It has stood strong throughout numerous hardships but continues to grow and give shelter to new and existing generations.These pieces are sure to ignite love of country and ancestry and are the ideal gift for anyone who shares a connection with the Emerald Isle.

Children Of Lir – The legend of the children of Lir is one of the most famous Irish folklore tales and here Tracy depicts a pair of swans entwined to reveal a heart symbolizing love and dedication. With one swan slightly textured to create the illusion of the two swans in a warm embrace. A timeless piece for a mystical story.

Hi All, I am taking a creative break and will be back soon!