New Wild Rose Collection now available

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for the last couple of months. I was preparing my youngest (and myself!!) for his first day at school as well as launching my newest collection. When I wasn’t stressing about one, I was stressing about the other. So in many ways, it could be said that I had a good balance 🙂

So today, I’m delighted to introduce you to my Wild Rose Collection. The design is inspired by the concept of the “Irish Rose”, that we all know and love, because the Irish Rose has been very much part of any sing-song that’s kicked off after a few drinks and has been sung about in folk songs for generations.

The notion of the Irish Rose usually refers to a charming and beautiful young woman, and many folk songs feature attempts by young men to capture their wild hearts. It makes me think of the Irish saying  “you may be lucky enough to catch me, but you’ll never tame me!” and for me the Wild Rose collection encapsulates/captures this meaning.

Wild Rose Pendant -large - front             Wild Rose Pendant -large - back

But of course the significance doesn’t stop there.  As you know, I like to weave meaning into all of my designs. The little heart hidden amongst the petals of the rose is a reminder of love, and the thorns represent the obstacles on the path to true love, which nevertheless make it stronger. The triple spiral on the back of the pieces represent eternity and link back to my main source of inspiration at Newgrange.

The collection includes a large or dainty pendant, drop earrings, bracelet, a charm (that fits a Pandora-style bracelet) with a choice of different bracelets, cufflinks and a ring. It is available in sterling silver and gold on request.

The collection is available on my website, on The Irish Workshop and will be available in the Kilkenny Shop (Nassau Street) from Sunday and will be available at the Irish Design Gallery next week.

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